• Tim Byrne

    Tim Byrne

    i need to do something creative that i can be proud of.

  • Angela Hubner

    Angela Hubner

  • Jon Tower Akerman

    Jon Tower Akerman

    Sisters With Voices had a more profound influence on me than they realize.

  • Mathieu Guerville

    Mathieu Guerville

    Intrapreneur/Entrepreneur. Builder/tinkerer. FR-US perspective. ex VC, Biz dev, M&A/strategy in B2B information platforms. Views private.

  • Agim Zeka

    Agim Zeka

  • guneet johal

    guneet johal

  • Hakeem P Shali

    Hakeem P Shali

  • Mike Seufert

    Mike Seufert

    The stuff I nerd out on is effective international development and social impact, financial inclusion, and the cool stuff we're doing to improve society.

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